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Five Reasons You Need Renters Insurance

Updated: May 8

Renters insurance is a highly important coverage type that is often overlooked by those renting or leasing an apartment, home, condo, co-op or other property. Not only is renters insurance designed to offer protection for losses caused by you, it may also offer protection for losses caused by others (i.e., a fire spreads from a neighboring apartment, the building has a water leak). Here are five main reasons you need a renters insurance policy.

  1. It protects your personal belongings from a variety of risks. One of the main coverages on a renters insurance policy is your personal property coverage. To get a sense for what may be considered personal property, imagine you could flip your apartment upside down, take off the roof and shake it. Anything that falls out may be considered personal property (i.e., clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics).

  2. It provides additional living expenses coverage should your living space become uninhabitable due to a covered claim. Common additional living expenses include hotel rooms, food, storage facility, laundry and more.

  3. It provides worldwide protection for personal liabilities. Should you be named by a third-party lawsuit or claim resulting from property damage or bodily injury caused to others by your negligence, your renters insurance may provide you with coverage.

  4. It provides peace of mind at an affordable rate. The peace of mind knowing that your contents and personal liability are protected in the event of a covered loss may be invaluable. Even so, Brooks Robb & Callahan has seen renters policies cost as little as $10/month, with more comprehensive coverage limits costing ~$25/month. Consider "bundling" your renters policy with your auto insurance carrier for additional savings.

  5. It may be required by your apartment complex or landlord. All renters should thoroughly read through their lease. Your landlord or apartment complex may require that you have renters insurance, and if you never secured the coverage you could be in violation of your agreement.

Interested in a renters insurance quote? Contact Brooks Robb & Callahan and a licensed agent would be happy to assist in finding ways to obtain affordable renters insurance coverage.

About Brooks Robb & Callahan

Brooks Robb & Callahan is a family owned and operated independent insurance agency protecting personal and commercial clients from property and casualty risks since 1871. Sisters Kristen Ducharme and Lindsey Stortz acquired the business from their long time family friends in July 2013. Their brother, Scott Brekne, joined the business in 2021. Together they continue to run the business the way it always has been – by family with honesty and integrity. They feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work together every day.

The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Insurance coverages and policies can vary significantly based on individual circumstances and the terms of the policy. Brooks Robb & Callahan recommends consulting a licensed insurance professional or your insurance carrier to determine the appropriate coverage for your specific personal needs.

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