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Boat Insurance

Get Boat Insurance and Peace of Mind Your Investment is Protected

Getting out on the water on your boat, yacht, jet ski, or other watercraft is likely one of your favorite things to do - especially when you are with those who matter most to you.  Since owning a watercraft increases liability risks, on and off the water, it is important to have the proper coverage in place.  Whether you are purchasing your first boat, buying a new boat or trying to save money on an existing policy, we can help!

Call us today at 516-922-6500 to receive a fast and free quote from top rated boat insurance carriers, specializing in insurance on the North Shore and South Shore of Long Island.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Boat?

There may be limited liability coverage but we would not recommend relying on your homeowners insurance policy for protection.  Homeowner’s policies have several restrictions depending on the boat's length and horsepower.

If you don't have a boat insurance policy in place, it is very likely you are not properly insured.  A lot can go wrong and you want to make sure you are protected if you or a guest lose control of your boat, the boat sustains damage, sinks or if a passenger gets injured.

Boat insurance is very reasonable considering what you are protecting - our insurance carriers account for the layup period in their rates and some are even willing to adjust the policy midterm to help with costs when the boat is out of the water.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance protects the boat owner against liability lawsuits and medical payments and covers physical damage to the boat, motor, trailer and contents in the boat.

  • Property Damage Liability

    • If you cause damage to a dock or someone else's boat, property damage liability will protect you from paying for the damages on your own

  • Bodily Injury Liability

    • If you cause injury to your passenger or the passengers on another boat, your bodily injury coverage will extend to their hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.  You will also have coverage for legal expenses.


  • Collision Damage

    • If your boat is damaged in an accident, this coverage will extend to repair or replace your boat

    • It is important to review the exclusion section of your policy

      • Example: wear and tear is never covered and the clean-up of wreckage is not included unless you purchase this additional coverage


  • Comprehensive Coverage

    • Comprehensive coverage is for non-collision related losses

      • Example: if your boat is stolen, vandalized, catches fire, etc.


  • Additional Coverage Options

    • Companies offer additional coverages for additional costs so you can tailor a policy to fit your specific needs

    • Additional coverages include but are not limited to:

      • Roadside Assistance

      • Personal Property Protection

      • Fishing Equipment

      • Medical Payments

      • Oil Spills

      • Damage to a dry dock

      • Uninsured coverage


Boat Insurance Discounts

We work with several AM Best A-Rated carriers and are always happy to shop to multiple carriers to ensure you are getting the best coverage and price!  Different carriers may offer different discounts.  Here are just a few ways you may be able to save, including if you...

  • Own your home (condo or co-op)

  • Have idle assisted steering installed

  • Insure multiple watercrafts, jet skis, etc.

  • Have your boat, homeowners and/or auto insurance with the same company

  • Are the original owner of the vessel

  • Pay the policy in full

  • Have a clean automobile driving record

  • Complete a safety course and can provide the certification

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