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Condo & Co-Op Insurance

Insurance for your

Condo or Co-Op

Condo and co-op insurance offers coverage for the unit's structure or "additions and alterations" and the unit owner's contents and personal liability.  By getting this type of insurance, you’ll be covered for items that the condominium association’s policy doesn’t include.  We always recommend speaking with your association regarding their Master Policy so you know what you are and are not responsible for.

If you have a condo or co-op policy in place, pay attention to the following limits:

  • Additions & Alterations or Improvements & Betterments

  • Personal Property

  • Additional Living Expenses

  • Personal Liability

  • Medical Payments to Others

Apartment Building

Your condo or co-op association is typically not responsible for what’s inside your unit or what happens in your unit.  Let us help you make sure you are covered properly. 

  • What if you have a fire that destroys everything?

  • What if your sink or bathtub overflows and damages your unit or causes damage to someone else's unit?

  • What if a guest trips and falls in your kitchen?

  • What if your dog bites someone on a walk? 


Your policy can protect you!

Free Quotes from Top-Rated Insurance Companies

With over 100 years of protecting condos and co-ops in Long Island, New York City and upstate New York, we have the experience that you can trust. 


Call, email or click "Request a Condo or Co-Op Insurance Quote" above for free, non-obligatory quotes.  Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.

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