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Classic Car Insurance

Insuring Classic & Collectible Cars

Our insurance agency and classic car carrier partners understand how precious antique and collector cars are and how much work goes into making them the special vehicles they are today.  Let our specialists help put a customized classic car policy in place before you hit the road or attend a car show. 

We work with various AM Best rated carriers allowing us to provide a comprehensive policy for a competitive price.  Call us today at 516-922-6500 for free, non-obligatory quotes.

Vintage Car Interior

Differences Between Classic Car & Regular Car Insurance

Classic car insurance provides some special benefits compared to standard auto insurance.

  • Lower Premiums - classic car insurance tends to be over 30% lower than standard auto insurance

  • Guaranteed Value or “Agreed Value” Coverage - you determine the value of your vehicle and our carriers will confirm the provided value is accurate. Coverage is provided based on the value, no depreciation is considered.  Standard auto insurance is usually determined on an Actual Cash Value basis, meaning depreciation is considered in the event of a claim.

  • No Fixed Mileage - allows for flexible usage and no fixed mileage limits

  • Industry-Leading Valuation Experts - you can get access to a team of valuation experts and tools that will help you make informed choices on insuring, buying and selling classic cars

Affordable Classic & Collector Car Insurance

Vintage Car Garage

Classic and collectible car insurance is different than ordinary car insurance because it's geared to cover the full collectible value of your car.

In the same way you’d customize your ride, you need a customized classic car policy, which takes into account the car's collectible value, the miles you drive each year, and many other personalized adjustments.

But unlike standard auto insurance policies, you only pay for what you need because you won’t need full time coverage. So you’ll be surprised at how affordable complete coverage can be for average classic and collectible car owners like you.

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