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Personal Liability vs Personal Injury Coverage

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between personal liability and personal injury coverage on a homeowners policy? It is important to have both coverages to protect yourself and the things you love most!

Personal Liability

Personal liability coverage on your homeowners policy pays for bodily injury and/or property damage sustained by a third party for whom you or someone covered under your homeowners policy (spouse, child, etc.) is responsible for.

For example, someone sues you after being injured from tripping and falling on your property or your dog biting them (some policies exclude canine liability)... or if you live in a condo unit and cause damage to the unit below you from your bathtub or sink overflowing. Personal liability coverage pays for the loss settlement and your legal fees, up to the coverage limit.

Please note, personal liability on your homeowners policy does not extend to vehicles – bodily injury and/or property damage caused in an auto accident would fall under your auto insurance policy.

Personal Injury

Most homeowners policies do not include coverage for Personal injury – this important and affordable coverage can be added by endorsement. We highly recommend purchasing personal injury coverage, especially with social media being so prevalent! Coverage extends for libel, slander or defamation of character, invasion of privacy, wrongful eviction and false arrest.

In just one click, you can have a major lawsuit on your hands... for example, you receive a lawsuit after your son writes something nasty about a girl in his class on Facebook, causing her mental or psychological damage. Personal injury coverage pays for the loss settlement and your legal fees, up to the coverage limit.


We highly recommend discussing an umbrella policy with your insurance agent, especially if you own a home or have other assets to protect. The umbrella would extend once the personal liability limit or personal injury limit is exhausted.

Interested in learning more? Contact Brooks Robb & Callahan to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

About Brooks Robb & Callahan

Brooks Robb & Callahan is a family owned and operated independent insurance agency protecting personal and commercial clients from property and casualty risks since 1871. Sisters Kristen Ducharme and Lindsey Stortz acquired the business from their long time family friends in July 2013. Their brother, Scott Brekne, joined the business in 2021. Together they continue to run the business the way it always has been – by family with honesty and integrity. They feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work together every day.

The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Insurance coverages and policies can vary significantly based on individual circumstances and the terms of the policy. Brooks Robb & Callahan recommends consulting a licensed insurance professional or your insurance carrier to determine the appropriate coverage for your specific personal needs.

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