Are Personal Injury Claims Covered By My Homeowner’s Insurance Policy (HIP)?

| September 19, 2016
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There are many kinds of accidents which may be covered by a HIP, but the truth is that there are also exceptions. For instance, when an individual is injured on your property or in your home, then your homeowner’s insurance liability provision is going to cover the costs of the claim that person is going to file.

When an individual decides to file a claim against you under the homeowner’s insurance policy, then they’re basically filing a 3rd party claim.

Injury Liability Coverage

The losses suffered by the injured individual are all going to be paid by your liability coverage. This includes suffering, pain, lost income, medical bills and other types of damages up until the policy’s limits. Also, if someone injured on your property files a lawsuit against you, then you’ll be defended by your insurer.

So if your homeowners insurance policy carries a two hundred thousand dollar limit, the injured individual is going to get paid up to $200K. If the amounts awarded in court exceed $200K, then you may have to pay the remainder yourself. Statistically, this happens rarely and only in cases where the victim has been gravely injured. Even if the liability limit is indeed exceeded, your policy may have an umbrella provision that offers you more cushioning against these types of situations.

To learn more about the types and limits of liability coverage in a standard HIP, be sure read this page.

Intentional Torts, Strict Liability And Negligence

Your policy is going to cover the injuries of the majority of people who come on your property and a large number of those injuries are going to usually be classed as accidental injuries also known as negligence. For instance, slip and fall accidents are generally caused by negligence. What this means is that the injured person needs to prove that you didn’t do everything you could in order to ensure your home is safe.

There are of course injuries where negligence isn’t required. So if you live in a state where dog bite laws are very strict and your pitbull bites someone, then that individual doesn’t have to prove you were at fault and consider making a 3rd party claim under your HIP.

What this means is that your homeowners policy is not going to cover you for any injuries other parties sustained if causing those injuries was considered an intentional act. Shortly said, you can be easily sued by someone if you assaulted them and the bad news is that your homeowners insurance policy is not going to cover you.

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